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Sparring is a MUST.

There are no memorized forms here. No preset combinations your partner allows you to perform while they pretend to attack you. However there is still sparring.

Initially, sparring can be a frightening concept for many students, and especially parents. Understandably so. Too many unqualified trainers have no idea how to safely introduce and monitor the most important and rewarding aspect of a students training. Similar to how I approach self-defense concepts and drills, sparring is highly controlled and students are introduced to this through specific drills and an evolution in their training.

Beginners do not spar, and as they progress through their training, the drills become more complex, however their control, confidence, and experience enhance the safety of sparring. If I am to develop ones ability to fight and defend themselves or others, there is no better approach than this.

With the mindset of realistic training, there are the only two weapons I teach beyond open hand… These are the Stick and Knife.

I spent my youth and early years of martial arts playing with Sais, Nunchucks, Tonfas, Bos, and Swords. I pretended because of my training, that I actually knew how to fight with them, since I had memorized dozens upon dozens of traditional forms. Sure, I can perform fast twirls and spins, toss a weapon in the air and catch it. I know now, that was all a dance, a curtain of illusion to sell the idea of being able to fight.

However there are two melee weapons beyond open hand skills worth training with… the Stick and the Knife. They exist in our modern world, and present a practical and present need to learn how to use and defend against in our society.

Developing a tactical knowledge with the knives and sticks only enhances ones ability to strike, maneuver, redirect, and adapt. An opponent using a broken beer bottle is no different than one wielding a knife or stick. As I develop your ability to utilize these weapons, you’ll better understand how to fight against them. You’ll develop the ability to effortlessly blend the three tactics of stick, knife, and open hand combat, largely due to the fact they all feed off each other and seamlessly flow together.

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Martial Arts Reedsburg Nathan Grey Kaizen

Training Outdoors

The World and Elements are Our Arena.

You may have noticed all the “Training Outdoors” on my website! While we all grow accustomed to training indoors, in a safe, secure, and private area, with the luxuries of air conditioning, smooth flooring, and open spaces… Real life arenas are never quite so forgiving or accommodating.

Survival is about adaptation. Traditional martial artists grow dependent on point sparring in open spaces and playing pretend self-defense their partner allows them to perform a dozen and one techniques they’ve rehearsed and memorized for their demonstration. The MMA fighter is convinced all fights end on the ground, and that while he holds his opponent in a choke hold on the floor of the bar, no one will decide to take a beer bottle to his head to get him off their friend.

This next statement may be somewhat extreme… but regardless, it’s my adamant belief… The world of martial arts is a lie. There is no ultimate style, no perfect defense, no unstoppable technique, no perfect situation. If someone claims they know exactly what they’ll do if someone throws a punch, it’s likely they’re an idiot or a liar. There is no way of knowing exactly what you’ll encounter until you’re in the moment. There is only the ability to adapt, respond, react, and overcome. You must have situational awareness and if you can’t adapt, then your style is worthless.

This is why I often take training outdoors. Aside from the inspiration I find training in beautiful locations and brilliant sunsets, it’s important to throw the elements of the world against us. To train on uneven ground, with the sun and heat and wind and rain beating down on us. Are you a TKD guy in a tightly confined space with no room for a spinning head kick??? Are you an MMA grappling holding one man in a headlock while dealing with multiple opponents??? The world doesn’t care about your style or rank, and your memorized form won’t condition you to spontaneously adapt to elements around you.

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2 Week Trial for $252 Week Trial for $252 Week Trial for $252 Week Trial for $252 Week Trial for $252 Week Trial for $252 Week Trial for $252 Week Trial for $25

2 Week Trial for $25

For anyone interested in martial arts training, I offer a 2 Week Trial for $25, and your first training session is always free. My goal is to be as transparent as possible. I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Simply try classes for two weeks and decide for yourself if KAIZEN is the best studio for you or your family.

While some people enjoy tournaments, traditional martial arts, and memorizing forms… there are others who seek only to develop their own unique level of skills, fitness, and ability to defend themselves. Martial Arts training is not about rank, style, title, or ego. It’s not about being the toughest person in town.

It’s truest nature develops the strength to be gentle, to control anger, to remain confident, and to achieve your own personal goals, whatever they may be. That is for you to decide. I will do my best to help you reach your goals.

I run my studio with this simple philosophy, “I work for my students, they are my boss.” If I fail to do my job, my reputation will suffer, and eventually I will lose them. My studio exists only because I have students to train. Without them, I have nothing, so I do all I can to earn their respect and trust, and maintain their business. I bring nothing but my highest level of passion and enthusiasm to each class, and I treat everyone there with respect. I am committed to training anyone to my fullest capabilities, and in my experience, I have even trained others to surpass my own physical abilities. My passion is to teach, and my commitment is to my students and their families. I’m looking forward to serving this community as a respected business owner and trainer.

To contact me, visit this link: KAIZEN

In addition to Kaizen, you’ll see two other very important facets of my life on this site; One being “Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue & Educational Center”, and the other being “I Am Cinema”. Feel free to visit these links to learn more about my other business and volunteer work.

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Kaizen Martial Arts Tactical Combatives

The Business of Martial Arts

While I am a business owner who survives by memberships, I am first and foremost a trainer dedicated to offering my students the highest quality of martial arts and self-defense training they can find.

Yes… I am a business owner. Yes… I hope to earn and maintain your business through a membership. However, NO… I will never raise my rates or sell my students expensive Black Belt Club memberships or have them attend tournaments. No… I will never sell out or water down my curriculum or become what I define as a “McDojo Belt Factory”.

My business earns it’s income through customer satisfaction and loyalty. My families know I’m not going to try milking them for sales or seminars or tournaments or membership upgrades… EVER. They are here because the want to be here. I never use any gimmicks, and I never pressure anyone into a membership. I offer monthly, 6-month, and 12-month memberships as well as single and family types. I show families everything up front, that they will ever experience at my studio, so there are never any surprises.

If you are serious about your training, and seeking a serious program with a serious trainer… then I hope you will consider Kaizen Tactical Martial Arts. If you attend my two week trial and decide it’s not the right fit for you, then I at least appreciate the opportunity. Otherwise I hope to become a trusted guide and mentor along your path in tactical combatives.

To contact me, visit this link: KAIZEN

In addition to Kaizen, you’ll see two other very important facets of my life on this site; One being “Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue & Educational Center”, and the other being “I Am Cinema”. Feel free to visit these links to learn more about my other business and volunteer work.

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Nathan Grey

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