Our Reedsburg Studio

You'll never find another martial arts studio quite like Kaizen Tactical Combatives.

It's not only the method of training I offer that's unique, it's the overall ambience, design, feeling, and functionally of the studio that makes attending classes here an experience for not only the students, but also our parents and families.

Along with massive space (13 ft ceilings and over 1,800 sq ft of training space alone), our training studio has soft foam-rubber flooring, full size mirrors, wave masters, heavy bags, speed bags, cage balls, ninja training courses, throwing and tumbling mats, kick shields, blockers, training mitts, and more!

Parents can view classes directly through the windows and doors of our divider wall, from our parents lounge TV monitor, or from the back gaming room and fitness center. Students also have large carpeted locker rooms with private changing stalls and custom built lockers.

Martial Arts Reedsburg Nathan Grey Kaizen
Nathan Grey Kaizen Martial Arts
Front Lobby

You'll be greeted with an abundance of lush plant life, ambient cafe' style lighting, an 8' waterfall atop a 150 gallon Koi pond, and plenty of space to sit, move about, and directly view classes into the studio.

The TV loops 3 hours of training footage and classes at Kaizen, along with some of my own creative works for inspiration. Calm, yet energetic music playing provides a nice background sound for our parents, and keeps a high energetic vibe for students while training.


Kaizen is located in the heart of Downtown Reedsburg. We are directly behind Panda Garden. Parking is available directly outside our studio, and our street is a one way street, accessed off of Main.

125 N. Walnut Street

Reedsburg, WI 53959

Parent's Lounge

Our "Parent's Lounge" is among one of the favorite (and many) places in our studio for seating. This spacious room features oversized leather couches, table seating for 6, a gaming table, ambient lighting, lush plant life, and a 42" TV with a live camera feed from the studio so parents can still watch their kids while relaxing!

Coming soon will be our Cafe' area, and 300 gallon aquarium!


I offer a fully equipped gym with commercial quality equipment, free weights, cable machines, gym flooring, mirrors, yoga mats, dumbbells, and ellipticals.

The fitness center is for members only (ages 16 & up) and for our parents. It's completely FREE, as an additional benefit for members of Kaizen.

Game Room

Our Game Room is for both parents and students. This massive area features games like Billiards, Checkers, Chess, Card Games, Darts, and Corn Hole.

It additionally features a 12' movie projector screen and indoor terrarium, and another leather sofa. Every 3-4 months I offer a FREE "Movie Fun Night" for students and their friends!

I Create Cinematic Visuals


Nathan Grey I Am Cinema Kaizen Reedsburg

A Studio Within A Studio

My business "I Am Cinema" is located within the same location for "Kaizen". I offer professional video and filmmaking services, cinematic photography, and even graphic design.

Some people may question how I can run two seemingly entirely different businesses, especially out of the same location. My question is "Why not???".

I survive by reputation and by clients or memberships. Each facet of my business feeds the other, both financially and creatively.

I Am Cinema & Kaizen offset the need for high production costs or massive amounts of students. I maintain better quality personal attention to everyone, and don't break their accounts.

I began my film career while living in New Orleans. After working in several full feature films, I began to switch my focus from stunts and acting, to working behind the scenes as a Cinematographer. I couldn't be happier with this decision.

Along with years on actual Hollywood sets, I worked directly under visionaries like (sorry for the name dropping...) Alex Buono, Vincent LaForet, Shane Hurlbut, and Marc & Shawnee Zatorksy, I earned my filmed degree and now create my own style of immersive visuals and storytelling.

I Am Cinema

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