There are no memorized forms here. No preset combinations your partner allows you to perform while they pretend to attack you. However there is still sparring.

Initially, sparring can be a frightening concept for many students, and especially parents. Understandably so. Too many unqualified trainers have no idea how to safely introduce and monitor the most important and rewarding aspect of a students training. Similar to how I approach self-defense concepts and drills, sparring is highly controlled and students are introduced to this through specific drills and an evolution in their training.

Beginners do not spar, and as they progress through their training, the drills become more complex, however their control, confidence, and experience enhance the safety of sparring. If I am to develop ones ability to fight and defend themselves or others, there is no better approach than this.

With the mindset of realistic training, there are the only two weapons I teach beyond open hand… These are the Stick and Knife.

I spent my youth and early years of martial arts playing with Sais, Nunchucks, Tonfas, Bos, and Swords. I pretended because of my training, that I actually knew how to fight with them, since I had memorized dozens upon dozens of traditional forms. Sure, I can perform fast twirls and spins, toss a weapon in the air and catch it. I know now, that was all a dance, a curtain of illusion to sell the idea of being able to fight.

However there are two melee weapons beyond open hand skills worth training with… the Stick and the Knife. They exist in our modern world, and present a practical and present need to learn how to use and defend against in our society.

Developing a tactical knowledge with the knives and sticks only enhances ones ability to strike, maneuver, redirect, and adapt. An opponent using a broken beer bottle is no different than one wielding a knife or stick. As I develop your ability to utilize these weapons, you’ll better understand how to fight against them. You’ll develop the ability to effortlessly blend the three tactics of stick, knife, and open hand combat, largely due to the fact they all feed off each other and seamlessly flow together.

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