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Training for Children, Youth, Teens, and Adults

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Two Week Trial for $25

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2 Week Trial $25 (608) 581-0028

What You Do Defines You

Some people want fancy uniforms and decorated black belts...

Others simply want to know how to fight and defend themselves.

2 Week Trial $25 (608) 581-0028
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  • High Energy, Motivating Classes
  • Safe, Fun, and Challenging Environment
  • No Tournaments, No Memorizing Forms
  • Non-Traditional, No Fancy Poses


  • Classes for Kids, Teens, and Adults
  • Kids Develop Focus, Confidence, and Respect
  • Informal, Tactical CQC Training for Adults
  • Striking, Grappling, Stick/Knife, Open Hand
  • CQC (Close Quarter Combat)


  • No Hidden Fees; Rates NEVER Increase
  • Practical, Effective, and Realistic Training
  • Develop Muscle Memory and Instinctive Skills
  • Training for Fighters and Law Enforcement

The principle foundation of my studio is to develop truly effective fighting and self-defense skills based on Instinct, Concept Application, Muscle Memory, Adaptation, Improvisation, and Situational Awareness... Not by memorizing forms and competing for trophies.

Martial arts training is more than just punching, kicking, and self-defense... it's about setting goals and striving for excellence. Students learn to overcome challenges and fears; develop confidence, courage, and strength; and to never give up on their goals.

Martial Arts training at Kaizen is non-traditional, practical, effective, and above all, safe. I've designed my curriculum to be age and skill appropriate, challenging, rewarding, and of course... fun.

Here you'll experience a challenging yet positive environment. I lead by example and inspire students develop skills to their fullest potential.

KAIZEN: Tactical CQC

CQC (Close Quarters Combat) is a tactical concept which involves a physical confrontation between several combatants within a short range from one another.

KAIZEN literally means "Continuous Improvement". It is with this mentality of training, I provide realistic, practical, and effective fighting and self-defense skills to children and adults, ranging from enthusiasts to serious fighters, law enforcement, and security personnel.

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WILDCATS (Ages 5-9)

Wildcats is a foundation program for young students to develop "Social Skills" along with providing a high energy, "focused-but-fun" environment for kids.

YOUTH (Ages 10-15)

Youth students develop solid fighting and self-defense skills, in a motivating environment, while maintaining an atmosphere of respect and discipline.

Adults (Ages 16 & Up)

Adult training is informal, intense, and focused entirely on ones ability to fight and defend oneself. No belts. No titles. No Fancy Poses. Just Fighting Skills.

My Name Is

Nathan Grey

Martial Arts Reedsburg Nathan Grey Kaizen

My ultimate passion has always been Martial Arts. I began studying when I was 12, and teaching when I was only 16. Throughout the course of several years, I trained in France and Tahiti, and experienced an entirely new method of training, one I have fully embraced and now provide to my students. The men who trained me elevated my understanding in combative arts to levels I could have never comprehended on my own. I have never in my life encountered their equal both in skill and friendship.

Martial Arts training is a part of who I am. It is how I define myself. Teaching others and sharing my knowledge and experience is my passion.

I'm committed to providing my unique method of training to those seeking expert quality martial arts instruction.

Kaizen Tactical Combatives Logo

I'm a Wisconsin native who's passionate about life and experiencing it's great many wonders.

Since early 2006, I've been an active volunteer and sponsor at Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue in Rock Springs. This has been one of the single most rewarding aspects of my life. I helped the rescue acquire their funding to be relocated, along with helping to actually build it. I bought their first four-wheeler, and have continued to volunteer as often and whenever possible to assist them. The owners are great friends and among the best people I know. 

I'm excited to be a part of the Reedsburg community and be near the big cats I've taken care of fo so long. I love this area with all of it's beautiful lakes, rivers, waterfalls, bluffs, rock formations, and rolling valleys.

You'll often find my out Kayaking, Hiking, or touring the roads on a motorcycle. Some other interests are drawing, mountain skiing, skydiving, and learning to play instruments.

I lived in New Orleans 4 years working in over 20 full feature films, commercials, and TV shows, as a stunt actor, body double, and stand-in. I also managed a fighters gym, then eventually opened my first studio.

I returned to Wisconsin after Hurricane Katrina and opened a new martial arts studio, which closed during the economic crash.

I returned south for another 5 years living in West Palm Beach working as a cinematographer, photographer, and personal martial arts trainer. My last production was as the "Director of Photography and Editor" for the Amazon Prime series "In Sanity, Florida", featuring Burt Reynolds.

The best way to describe my shooting style is "Cinematic". My goal is to evoke emotion and create exciting visuals for my clients.

I continue working as a professional Cinematographer and Photographer for my business "I Am Cinema". This also offsets the income needs for Kaizen, allowing me to reduce the number of students needed to "keep the lights on" and guarantee personal attention to everyone.

I Am Cinema

The ability to fight does not come from Rank, Style, or Title.

It comes from your own passion to train, aspire, overcome fear, and discover your way.

Only then, will you unleash your own Art of Combat.

Nathan Grey
Kaizen Owner/Trainer

It may seem difficult at first...

But everything is difficult at first.

Miyamato Musashi
Legendary Samurai

It's the Journey which shapes us...

Not the Destination

I will teach you to fight... and have discussions on peace.
How do I reconcile the two?

It is better to be a Warrior in a Garden... Than a Gardener in a War.

Unknown Zen Quote
The Successful have failed more often than the Spectators have tried.

Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome! Find your strength!

Martial Arts Reedsburg Nathan Grey Kaizen
Serious Training for Serious Minds

This is no "McDojo". We are here to train, to develop true fighting and defensive skills. Laziness and excuses are not welcome here.

Quality Over Quantity

I will NEVER "sell out" or "water down" my training. I'd rather create a few highly trained students, than masses of black belts unable to defend themselves.

No Wasting Your Time

No fancy poses, no memorizing forms, no worthless titles, no tournaments, and no pretend self-defense based on a specific style.

Expert Instruction

I don't hide behind fancy titles or belt ranks... I simply train for me, and teach for you. I will pass on all I know, to those who train their hardest.

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