Training for Children, Youth, Teens, and Adults


Martial Arts Reedsburg Nathan Grey Kaizen

I offer Martial Arts Programs for Children, Youth, Teens, and Adults.

Students are recommended to attend  two classes per week, however they may attend as many as four. There are never any additional costs for attending extra training sessions.

Students must be on time for class, be clean, and wear proper training attire. If a student is sick, I ask they restrict themselves from training until they are no longer contagious.

Students must follow the guidelines at Kaizen for proper behavior, attitude, focus, and effort. Laziness and disruptive behavior is not accepted. We are here to train (and have fun).

A student must know it is up to them to apply themselves, practice, and develop their skill. I can only guide, motivate, and train a student, it is up them whether or not they develop the skills I'm passing on.

Class structure varies heavily between Wildcats, Youth, and Adults, as does my expectations. While I enjoy having fun and joking with my students, they must always train with a serious mindset, not afraid to make mistakes, or to ask questions.

Why do we fall? So we learn to pick ourselves back up.

Training at Kaizen is not for everyone. Some people prefer competing in tournaments, earning a social status with their belts, and memorizing forms doing fancy kicks and poses. If those are your goals, then Kaizen is not the right studio for you.

Kaizen Martial Arts Programs focus on practical, effective, and realistic training methods. Students develop muscle memory, instinct, and situational awareness, with the ability to adapt, improvise, and overcome.

Here, we learn to fight and defend ourselves... period. Don't confuse "knowing how to fight", with "getting into fights". I don't teach my students to solve their problems with their fists... however, should the need arise for defensive action, they will have the fighting tools both physically and emotionally provided they have applied themselves to their fullest during training.

"We must be strong enough, to be gentle"

This is not a traditional martial arts studio. Students here will not waste their time memorizing countless forms with fancy poses, attend tournaments, or brag about their belts. Here, belt rank in youth classes is not about status or ego, it's about personal accomplishment and growth.

While my goal is to maintain a high energy, focused-yet-fun environment for children, my priority is to provide expert level instruction in modern day martial arts techniques and application.

This requires students to demonstrate focus, self-control, discipline, and apply their very best efforts in each and every class. This is a martial arts studio, not a babysitting service. Laziness, disruptive behavior, or lack of effort will result in the student being dismissed from class, or possibly even training all together.

While I love to joke and have fun with my students, we always maintain a disciplined environment focused on developing solid martial arts and self-defense skills.

It never gets easier... You just get better at it.

For adults training with me, this is not a club med where we socialize, break a sweat, and pretend to fight. If you're not willing to get hit, kicked, choked, thrown, or push yourself as hard as you can, then again, Kaizen is not the studio for you.

I will train anyone with the passion and ability to learn. While they don't need to be in prime physical condition, there must be a certain level of physical athleticism present to perform the basic skills being taught.

Class structure can vary heavily, from barely breaking a sweat, to intense, heart pounding, muscle burning drills. I'll train you in a wide variety of tactical combat skills, ranging from Striking, (some) kicking, Grappling, CQC, Stick, Knife, Open Hand, Submissions, Throws, Takedowns, and Multiple Opponents.

I take my training seriously, as does anyone training here. "Don't waste my time, and I guarantee... I WON'T WASTE YOURS!!!" Give all you have in every class. Focus, apply yourself, ask questions, don't give up, sweat hard, and stand back up when you fall. I will be there to help you rise up and succeed.

One Lifetime... One Encounter.

Foundation Skills in Martial Arts; Social Skills & Character Development


WILDCATS (5-9yrs)

Kids want to have fun, be challenged, and be recognized for their accomplishments. Parents want a safe place for their kids to train, with a flexible schedule and affordable rates. That's exactly the environment I created here at Kaizen.

Classes are designed with family schedules in mind, along with the idea of challenging students physically and emotionally, and providing them with recognition for setting and achieving goals. I use positive reinforcement, within a disciplined and motivating environment.

Wildcat Training Gallery
Foundation Skills

Wildcats focus on basic yet fundamental strikes, kicks, and defense skills. The goal is to prepare them for advancing into the youth program.

Social Skills

Most importantly, my Wildcats programs focuses on character development, discipline, respect, focus, and self-control.


Wildcats classes are a high energy, focused-but-fun atmosphere. Kids learn by having fun, and this motivates them to apply themselves even more.

Fundamental Skills, Discipline and Respect, Courage and Strength Development


YOUTH (10-14yrs)

Similar to my Wildcats, Youth students utilize a belt ranking system and have a more formally structured environment to not only develop their fighting and defensive skills, but also their discipline, character, and confidence.

Classes are high energy and I enjoy having fun with them, however we maintain focus, discipline, and respect at all times. I expect students to always train at their highest level to achieve success. Separate classes are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

Youth Training Gallery
Foundation Skills

I develop a solid understanding of first knowing how to perform fundamental fighting and self-defense skills.

From there, we begin learning how to utilize and apply these skills.

Social Skills

Discipline and respect is a major part of character development at Kaizen. While I am teaching my students how to fight, I am not teaching them how to get into fights, or solve problems with their fists. Self-Control is a always emphasized.


Similar to Wildcats, I love to have fun with my youth students. If they're not having fun, they won't be motivated.

I push my students to find their strength, overcome fears, and aspire to their best potential.

Fighting and Defensive Skills; Sparring; Find Your Strength; Conquer Your Fears


ADULTS (15+ yrs)

Adults have enough responsibilities and demands in this world as it is. They don't need another "boss" demanding to be respected cause he's some kind of Black Belt or "Master" (ugh).

Here we train as equals. Belt Rank and Titles have zero value. We fight as we train, and we train as we fight. 

Adult training is entirely informal, non-ranking, and practical. I develop your fighting skills and improve on health and fitness. Period. Adults train in CQC (Close Quarters Combat), Reactive Knife and Stick, Striking, Grappling, Take-Downs, and Submissions.

Adult Training Gallery
Practical, Realistic, Effective Skills

Develop a solid foundation in principle fighting concepts. Striking, kicking, grappling, takedowns, CQC, Stick, and Knife Combat.


No Belts, No Titles, No Nonsense. At Kaizen, my adults train with me as equals. We are all on the same journey to develop our fighting skills.


While I'll train practically anyone with the passion and ability to learn, my adult classes are not for everyone. Heavy contact is a part of every session. You will be hit, kicked, choked, thrown, taken down, and more. We are here to train.

Don't Fear Failure...

In Great Attempts, It is Glorious Even to Fail.

Bruce Lee
Founder of "Jeet Kune Do"

If they stand behind you, protect them.

If they stand beside you, respect them.

If they stand against you, defeat them.

Inspirational Warrior Quote

For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the sheltered will never know.

Wise Man
From the film "Sucker Punch"

It never gets easier...

You just get better at it.

Art of Combat

Ages 5-9

High Energy


Social Skills Development

Foundational Skills

1-4 Classes Per Week

40 Minute Sessions


Ages 15 & Up

Adult Environment

Practical, Realistic, Effective Skills

No Rank, No Titles

Close Quarters Combat

1-4 Classes Per Week

75 Minute Sessions


Ages 10-14

High Energy


No Tournaments, No Forms

Develop Muscle Memory Defense

1-4 Classes Per Week

60 Minute Sessions

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