Quality Martial Arts instruction is my primary goal. I refuse to ever “sell out” or “water down” the quality of my training, in exchange for massive amounts of students. This is not a belt factory… it’s a martial arts studio. Sadly, I see this happen all too often. It even happened to the first studio I was a student at, and I left because I refused to sacrifice the quality of my training for pretty trophies, over-crowded classes, and deep pockets. While we all need to earn a living, there are better ways to successfully run a business while not compromsing integrity and self-respect. Simply stated, my studio exists only because I have students and families who allow it to thrive. Without them, I have nothing. So in exchange, I provide the best training I can possibly offer, and guarantee limited class sizes and affordable rates. My rates NEVER increase, and I offer many discount incentives for my memberships. I work for my students. Essentially, they are my boss. If I fail to do my job, my reputation suffers and eventually I’d have to close my doors. My work in Film, Video Productions, and Photography allow me to offer this guarantee to my students and their families. Since my income isn’t entirely reliant on Kaizen, and I’m able to generate a living for myself with my other business “I Am Cinema”. While some may argue “How can I truly be committed to teaching martial arts, if I’m also out there shooting videos and photos”… I simply say, “Look at the quality of my students, and their level of satisfaction.” I’m passionate about teaching, I’ve done it nearly my entire life. You’ll see this passion and enthusiasm every time you step foot into Kaizen, and when you see me interact with my students. My commitment is to them and their families.
To contact me, visit this link: KAIZEN In addition to Kaizen, you’ll see two other very important facets of my life on this site; One being “Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue & Educational Center”, and the other being “I Am Cinema”. Feel free to visit these links to learn more about my other business and volunteer work. Thanks for visiting! Nathan Grey